Darrington Family Support And Resource Center

DFRC Programs

Wednesdays: Homework Club
  • Teaches children to develop good study habits
  • Provides study time with support and assistance  
Thursdays:  Life Skills for Middle and High School students.
  • Empowering youth to make healthy decisions  
  • Create a nutritious  menu and cook the meal
  • A safe place for socialization and interaction 
Friday: Fun Day, for children with passing grades
  • Creates incentive for developing good study habits
  • The Game room provides games and movies in a safe environment.
  • Field Trips to fun and interesting places
Once a month DFRC host Teen Nights at the High School, a safe environment for youth to enjoy friends, dancing, games and refreshments.

Twice a year DFRC in partnership with the Sauk-Suaittle Tribe  provides Budgeting 101, a class for young adults to better manage their finances.  Dinner and Childcare are provided.
Darrington Family Support And Resource Center
Serving The Darrington Community Since 1993
Member Of  Darrington Strong, Inc. 

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Darrington Family Support And Resource Center  

1075 Fir Street, Darrington WA 98241
P.O. Box 1103
Hours: Tuesday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm